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Natural Floors of Seagrass, Sisal, Jute and Coir

For the natural look, whether you're making your home in one of Norfolk's period cottages or you're looking for a light and airy ambience in a contemporary setting, a floor made from one of nature's most sustainable materials is worthy of consideration.


Seagrass grows on the riverbanks and marshes of China and Vietnam. Harvested by hand, the crop is dried and hand spun into cords then woven. Its natural strength makes it a popular choice and it can be woven into chunky or very fine textures.


Sisal is extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant from South America and East Africa. The dense leaves are crushed to give soft pure white fibres that accept natural dyes very well.


The softness of jute makes this a material better suited to rooms in which to relax rather than heavy traffic areas. It comes from the stalk of the giant corchorus plant, grown in southern India.


Coir is a hard wearing natural flooring material with a rougher texture.  It is made from the strong fibres of the Indian coconut husk. The fibres are removed by hand and softened in the sea water to make them pliable enough to weave into a selection of designs.

Call in today to sample the look and feel that these natural flooring products from around the world.


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